Entry form


In the section below, please select the classes you want to register to. If you've loaded a previous registration via your license number, you only need to select the classes you want to participate in. That row then becomes highlighted green. If you change transponder information for a class, that line will be automatically selected. Only the classes you choose to participate in will be updated in the database.

If you have not loaded a previous registration, the lines you enter the transponder numbers in will be highlighted. If you accidentally enter the wrong row, ensure that the line will be cleared before pressing the 'Save entry' button. If you do not have a transponder number, leave the field empty.

If you register with an analog radio system you should always specify three alternative frequencies. If you are using a digital radio (2.4GHz / 5,8GHz) it is sufficient to set that as your primary frequency only.

Always double check that the classes you want to register to are highlighted green.

 Race classTransponderFrequencyAlt.Alt.Alt.
FSR-M 2,5 standard

FSR-M 2,5 special

FSR-V 3,5